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Breakthrough CX technology

The HumanableCX Customer Engagement SaaS Platform brings a real human touch to digital transactions, amplifying 360 interaction. Our platform automates online workflows and interfaces across the customer lifecycle from acquisition, through to engagement and retention, delivering breakthrough customer experiences.

We build, manage, and analyze all customer interactions, creating highly personalized multi-modal conversations. Our automated, frictionless omnichannel conversational and visual automation combines the best of AI with real human engagement.

Financial services companies are upgrading and automating their CX technology and increasingly digitizing all customer interactions. HumanableCX solution integrations are streamlined, offering quick to market advantages.

A ‘first’ for Digital First

Through heightened interactivity, customers chart their own journey at every moment that matters, enabling seamless completion of applications, transactions and purchases.

Our 'human-first' platform enables digital/neo-banks, robo-advice, wealthtech and insuretech customers to experience frictionless sign-up, on-boarding and renewal journeys through our patented virtual video concierges. This reduces customer acquisition costs and churn, as well as contact center traffic.

Our full suite of analytics captures engagement and CTA metrics. This enables future solution optimization.

The financial services organization challenge

Digital banking customers are now expected to manage more of their own accounts and services online - often forced to navigate a complex process or interface, that can lead to increased churn. New customer acquisition is also reduced, with the abandonment rate for online financial services now at 84% - Gartner.


Not surprisingly, online customer experience is now more important than ever.


HumanableCX solutions lead customers through onerous online tasks with a breakthrough interactive video experience. With the care and attention of a real human concierge customers are guided through complexities, all the way to fulfilment.

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